TFiNJ for Women

Psychotherapy for women

At TFiNJ we provide psychotherapy utilizing a psychodynamic integrative orientation, with interpersonal, relational and cognitive modalities, as well as, couples and marital counseling. EMDR techniques are sometimes utilized to facilitate the treatment process in combination with psychodynamic and cognitive techniques. Treatment ls tailored individually for each woman with an emphasis on diagnosing the problem, developing treatment plans and measuring goals set in sessions.  

Common challenges for women

Reproductive-related mood disorders

Career concerns

Panic disorder

Depression and anxiety

Weight loss and management

Relationship issues 



Postpartum adjustment

Work/Family management

Chronic Pain/managing Medical Illness  

A successful approach for women

Counseling that specializes in women's issues is a specific area of therapy that can help women deal with issues that are exclusive to them, and make a huge positive difference in their lives. This includes counseling for relationship troubles, childbirth issues, daughter-parent misunderstandings and identity struggles. Sometimes one or even just a few meetings with a professional trained in helping with women's issues can help resolve some of the most challenging aspects of being a female.