TFiNJ for Men

Do men need counseling?

Men's counseling is an effective way for men to find solutions to problems they can't solve themselves.

Robert is an expert in counseling men. His training and experience allow him to quickly uncover the real issues and provide solutions that are tough to discover on your own. After his own experiences in counseling and then as a professional counselor, he has seen firsthand what does and does not work for men. His clinical approach is goal oriented, effective, and focused on achieving results.

Challenging issues men face

Anger as a symptom of depression, workplace anxiety, relationship issues, father/parenting concerns, sexual addiction, sexual dysfunction, infidelity, intimacy issues, separation or divorce, financial stressors, drugs or alcohol overuse, loneliness, Bipolar Disorder and so much more.  In all, research shows that men are less likely to seek help for mental health issues than women are, and men may delay seeking help until they are in crisis. 

A successful approach for men

Research also shows that men may be more likely to succeed in therapy when assigned realistic and achievable tasks, such as homework assignments and specific behavioral goals. Therapy groups may also be helpful, and some men may find that joining a therapy group is an easier first step than seeking either individual or couples counseling.